We are equipped and trained for the following cleaning methods:

JOS (Swirling vortex system cleaning Torc system)
DOFF (High pressure steam cleaning)
Graffiti removal
Paint removal
Chemical cleaning

DG Stone Ltd is an approved agent for the JOS (Torc) and DOFF systems by Stonehealth Ltd.

Together with our Building Division, We can provide a full Façade restoration service, including scaffolding, window repairs, redecorations and Masonry cleaning & repairs. All to comply to CDM Regulations as a Main Contractor.

We can restore your building to its former glory. The above cleaning methods can be used both on Historic Buildings as well as modern stone or concrete clad buildings.

We shall be pleased to attend your property and specify the appropriate cleaning method in order to obtain a clean building without damaging the historic stonework/brickwork. We can provide a sample for your approval on request.

The above cleaning methods can also be used to remove paint and graffiti.

The DOFF System

The DOFF system complements the JOS system and is the natural answer to the removal of surface coatings such as bitumen, oil, grease and other disfiguring materials. Here you can see brick cleaning underway. A unique combination of heat and pressure is used to cut through and remove unwanted matter without eroding the underlying surface.



The JOS/TORC System

The JOS system is a low pressure vortex process which uses a mixture of air, fine inert powder and relatively small quantities of water and is particularly effective for the removal of carbon, dirt, scale, micro-organisms and all types of atmospheric pollution from brick, wood and stone.



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